Brushless Truck & Heavy Equipment Washing



Grimebuster Systems offers the latest in “Brushless” technology for fleet truckwashing.

•We specialize in Oil / Gas / Dump Trucks and Heavy Equipment for fleets.

Grimebuster Systems pioneered and innovated the “Brushless” large vehicle washing industry in 1978 and has been on the cutting edge for nearly 40 years helping companies keep their fleets clean. Our systems are custom designed to meet your needs. If you want a feature added or removed we can adjust your system with no problem. If you have a short bay or a pull in back out bay, we will design a system to custom to your site to meet your needs. Keep in mind, that in cold country, it’s better to have an indoor bay.

Our systems are designed for the most safe, effective cleaning with the lowest operation and maintenance costs. We have the easiest, low-cost,  worry-free maintenance and will initially train your workers

for you.

$64,650 (compare this to wholesale pricing to others well over $90,000).

            (Price could vary, depending on site)

           Includes shipping & taxes to 48 States.

Call us if you want to start your own business, or if you are a business owner and own a fleet of trucks and need a truckwash installed... these are the best on the market today.

We have nearly 40 years of experience to help you to  succeed!

We are the originators of the development of the Brushless TruckWash System and hold the Patent #4,715,391 and Patents Pending.





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